Total Fitness

Total Fitness for BlackBerry

Organize your exercise with this handy Blackberry program

This program contains a large database of 5000 food items containing all their nutrition information including calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat, view a weekly and monthly graphical view of your nutrient intake, or view graphical view of your nutrient intake against your target.

Some of the features that Total Fitness include:

  • Keep a daily log of your workouts by selecting an exercise from the large exercise database.
  • This program allows you to enter information for each workout including: duration, calories, distance, and course.
  • Allows you to view your progress in graphical view. View the following graphs: Duration, Duration by exercise, Calories burnt, Calories burnt by exercise and Distance
  • Allows you to view a monthly and weekly report view of your workouts
  • The program contains a database of over 60 weight training exercises sorted by body part.
  • You can enter weight and repetition information for each set of your weight training exercise.
  • The report view allows you can track the progress for each weight training exercise.
  • You can also track health data for each day such as body weight, body fat, blood pressure, pulse, body measurements.
  • View a monthly and weekly graphs for weight, body fat, blood pressure, pulse and body measurements.

Comprehensive, total fitness solution for you and your Blackberry.

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Total Fitness


Total Fitness 1.10

User reviews about Total Fitness

  • by Anonymous

    Excellent Program. I really like this easy to use but the trial period was a little too short